About Us

Since 1908, when the first product in our catalogue was the 'Neverbend Shovel', to the present day, Winget has been known around the world as a manufacturer of good quality construction equipment. Buyers know that their Winget machines will be reliable - who needs a machine that breaks down with a drum full of wet concrete with men standing around waiting to lay it? Who wants a machine that ends up as scrap after a very short working life because spare parts are not available? Not a Winget buyer. People who choose Winget usually return to buy more, because they trust our products and our service. They know that if you buy cheap, you buy twice!

Winget is part of the Seddon Group which was formed over a century ago, and has evolved into a modern, fully-integrated group of specialist companies which is at the leading edge of the UK's construction industry. The group operates throughout the UK, with over 110 years of experience in regeneration, development, construction and maintenance. Clients choose Seddon because results are delivered consistently, values are shared, and contracts are completed in partnership. These are values that Winget are happy to share and promote. The Seddon Group has a turnover in excess of £240M, employing 1,700 people.